Female Emportment Body Painter / Coach

Anne- Claire empowers women through body painting and coaching – helping them grow their confidence and self worth by finding strength in vulnerability.

Leaving the corporate world of finance to become the social entrepreneur she is today, Anne-Claire has experienced first hand the pressure of having to show your strong side 100% of the time. 

She felt the corporate world expected her to only show the best version of herself, with no room for mistakes. This, amongst others, led to her burning out in 2015. Once she realised the importance of vulnerability both for yourself as well as the business you work for, she founded her own business in which she uses art to coach women in showing their true colours. 

What we forget is that our real strength and authenticity lays in our vulnerability, not in the mask we wear.

In her three step signature programme Anne-Claire helps women to get out of their comfort zones, to push their limits of authenticity and show them that they have access to energy levels that come from within. Guiding them to a place of vulnerability so that they can find unexplored inner strength. She creates a safe space and gives them a platform to talk about self-love, self worth, and empowerment.

At the end of the programme her clients walk away feeling braver, bolder and with acceptance for who they are. They can finally make the impact they want to make, and be the role model they desire to be both personally and at work.