Yoga teacher

Dewi is a former dancer trained at the Royal Conservatory in The Hague and Codarts Rotterdam (Netherlands). Yoga is her way to connect her body, mind and soul. After hearing her yoga teacher talk about the concept of ‘loving kindness’ (treating yourself and the world around you in a kind, open and loving way) she was hooked and her yoga practice turned into a lifestyle. Through yoga Dewi balances her corporate working life with spirituality and personal growth. 

From the very first pose she taught at her teacher training, Dewi felt a deep passion for teaching. She teaches (hot) hatha and vinyasa and focuses on breath initiated movement. Currently she is part of a 300HR training programme with Shiva Rea, founder of Prana Flow vinyasa.

In her classes Dewi invites you to explore your own practice at your own pace. She deeply believes yoga is for everybody and every body.   

Dewi is registered as E-RYTS 200 with the Yoga Alliance.