Mindset Mentor, Energetic Massage therapist, Liquid Breathwork and Meditation teacher

From a very young age, Elise faced severe emotional and mental challenges. Experiencing several trauma’s that triggered her survival mode instinct, she created learned behavior and pretending everything is all good, to hide what she was actually feeling inside. 

Being an enthusiastic, driven, entrepreneurial, creative personality, soon after her graduation in 2012, she started working in the high demanding and fast paced music and event industry. Although her life looked perfect on the outside, inside Elise was still carrying all this pain and old trauma’s,  which eventually manifested into a burnout. 

This experience made her realise something really needed to change. 

Elise started with her personal transformation, attending several courses such as Zen Meditation, relaxation massages, energetic work, liquid breath and intuitive coaching to  help  her out of the burn-out.  

With all this new life energy, Elise took the plunge and started her own business in 2018: Unrush Massages & Mind; a studio where she guides people (private and corporate) to Unrush from their hectic lifestyle. Supporting  them on their inner journey transformation, for a balanced life.