Breathwork coach & facilitator

Felix is a breathwork coach, yoga teacher, NLP coach and hosts ceremonies. All of these things have one thing in common for him, that these practices and tools can help us to bring ourselves back to our essence. 

Felix started as an accountant and worked for 6 years in the corporate world, before he decided that it is time to follow a different path, his path. And for him that was guiding and facilitating people back to themselves. 

For him it all starts with taking responsibility of our own body, thoughts, emotions, states. Through breathwork, yoga, coaching we have the tools to explore this inside ourself.Ceremonies reminds us to enjoy time with ourselves, other and nature. And to experience that we actually don’t need a lot of external things to be happy. It is the little things. Nature, true connection and a safe space to be ourselves around others.

Take responsibility, dive inwards, know yourself, shine light on the dark places inside yourself, connect to your own light and energy, dare to go out there and share it with others. During his workshops the guided you through your body with the help of your own breath. Feeling, connecting and releasing. Practical and helpful to continue your day more energetic and happy.