Hypnosis therapist / Yoga teacher, Inner Wealth Provider/ Psychologist

Having followed a masters in Psychology and always being interested in the human psyche, it was until  she experienced unhappiness herself is when Fleur started with her personal transformation to become more conscious and to grow in self love. 

Fleur believes it is just as important (or even more important) to invest in your inner wealth as in your outer wealth, because you can influence the way you experience life only from the inside out.

Having worked as a traditional psychologist and coming from a scientific background, she noticed the traditional therapy methods did not resonate with her beliefs anymore. 

From this point on she did various in depth research and started practicing yoga and meditation. She even traveled to Peru and India to learn from several spiritual teachers to combine ancient knowledge with western methods. Combining all of this knowledge and experience into her own coaching program. 

Fleur mostly works with hypnosis, creating a safe setting for a one on one session. Using this technique specifically helps to to get to the root of a problem on a subconscious level, which makes it highly effective. 

Hypnosis is recommended when you feel you want to improve something on a deeper level; less stress, feel more comfortable with public speaking and becoming an even better high achiever. Also proven to be very effective on letting go of stress and trauma patterns.

Fleur loves to coach people and to share her knowledge on how to master your mind in teams and groups. It includes deep relaxations to calm down and to improve group dynamics. Having coached a lot of high professionals, most of her clients already see some great results only within a month of time.