Holistic therapist / Sound Therapist / Reiki / Transformative Coaching

Giuliana is the Founder of Love Energy. Connections with Love : http://www.lovenergy.nl

She began her personal journey in 2012 when she was diagnosed with a chronic disease called Endometriosis. 

After not having proper results with the traditional medical therapies she decided to experiment energetic therapies which had big positive benefits and results.

She traveled to London, Amsterdam and Malta, after taking part in a Sound Bath.

In this period she had the opportunity to meet people from all over the world and started to collect authentic bowls from Tibet.

And was researching the interaction between mind body soul and healing effects on her own body and documented the results professionally. Exploring into the deep knowledge and learning teachings, that are use to create pathways for all those who need inner guidance.

During her journey she worked for corporations in different fields. 

In 2020 she lost her job as Business Developer. Covid had just started and she had the inner call to start her project. 

With a research period of 9 years, Giuliana knew how to guide and help people find their balance between MIND BODY SOUL.

Experienced with working for various corporates, Giuliana provides different services depending on what companies need for their employees. This can be in the form of 1:1 sessions or with a team. Focus on relaxing the mind and connecting with others and self.