Well-being expert, Modern Meditation / Yoga teacher, founder ATMATA Yoga

Henny @happywithhenny is the Head of Tax of a Dutch international cosmetics company @ritualscosmetics and has been working in the corporate world for over 15 years. Next to that she is a Modern Meditation, Yoga
& Well-being expert and founder of ATMATA Yoga (Yoga & Energy Work in one class).

A deep longing for expressing her deepest Self, has led Henny to the path of self-transformation.

Many choices made in her life were, as for many of us, driven by the desire to be accepted, to be seen, loved and to prove that she was smart and good enough.

After years of working in various high demanding jobs, varying from one of the most respected international law firms on the Amsterdam Zuidas to one of the biggest tech. companies in the world, and feeling restless all the time together with anxiety and psychical issues, she decided to break her patterns and to go on her own inner journey.

Exploring various methods, she gained the most benefit of Yoga, Modern Meditation and, as she calls it: certain Well-being life hacks.

This helped her transform, connect within and to move more from head to heart. Nowadays she feels at her best having a day job where she combines one of her old passions (law) with one of her other passions (well-being in the broadest sense of the word). This is possible as she works at a company with a purpose of making people feel good. A purpose which, unsurprisingly, resonates completely with her 🙂

In her spare time she practices and shares her ATMATA Yoga @atmatayoga, Modern Meditation and Well-being passions, including her former struggles and insights to help others.

She feels most happy as a teacher on her yoga mat or facilitating a meditation, workshop or ceremony.

In her workshops, Henny can mirror her experience of still working in the corporate world and help you find balance in this environment, but also broader in your daily life.

She will guide you through her life hacks on how to get more things done in less time, how to become more productive and how to find more happiness and inner peace. She will offer you the right tools to get more SUPERPOWERS (at work) and to be able to create more time to do what you love and to shine your light in this world!