Wellness Coach / Nutritional Therapist  / Yoga & Meditation Teacher 

Jaime Tan embodies ‘FINDING BALANCE’. She straddles both the wellness and creative industries as a wellness coach, yoga teacher and nutritional therapist at Enlightened Spoon, along with her ‘other’ demanding day job as an Executive Producer at a renowned independent global creative company in Amsterdam. Jaime deeply understands the importance of creating harmony for your mind and body in order to live a high-performance life.

Bringing personal experience and passion, with the aim to inspire and teach others to connect more within, she has the unique ability to identify with the pitfalls of being overworked and overstressed. This enables Jaime to help high-performers reach their highest potential and return to balance from a place of grace, ease and flow through nutrition, movement and lifestyle practices designed to work within their busy schedules.

During her practical and inspiring workshop, you will experience various benefits of knowing how to combine the three pillars of mind, body, soul into your daily life so you will feel more energized and well-balanced!