Chronic Pain Coach / Public speaker

For years Jan experienced every kind of chronic pain you can think of. This resulted in having followed various therapies and treatments, while still suffering from chronic pain. 

During this intense period, Jan stayed hopeful and believed that there was another solution to his pain. No matter how difficult it was from time to time, he did not  settle for therapies that only fought the symptoms. And so he continued his search. He was convinced that the cause of his pain had to come from somewhere else. Eventually he discovered the roots of his suffering which caused all his sores and complaints: the Brain.

Your brain has taught itself a strategy that protects you from all the stimuli and challenges of our daily performance society. A strategy which unfortunately, is not well-tuned and causes you to experience pain. 

Jan has done years of research, which led to an enormous broadening of his knowledge about the brain and the human body. In addition he learned why the brain is responsible for chronic pain. He has studied human consciousness and subconsciousness and how we can reprogram and change subconscious patterns. 

He discovered that this can be done by means of Neuroplasticity; unlearning pain signals and learning pain-free signals.

Jan calls himself the Chronic Pain Coach and has developed his own coaching program. He is also a public speaker, who likes to share his knowledge with the world. An inspirator at companies, who like to know how to connect the heart with the brain and stop the pain!