Holistic therapist / reiki / meditation/ women circles

Lisa is a holistic therapist who provides 1-on-1 Reiki and therapy sessions for employees, as well as workshops and sharing circles. She uses various holistic methods to offer her clients a personalized and tailored approach.

With her holistic approach, Lisa focuses on restoring balance between the body, mind, and soul, and improving overall health, well-being, and harmony for her clients. Her workshops and sharing circles are designed to promote team building and assist in achieving personal and professional goals. By helping participants reconnect with themselves, negative patterns are broken, and limiting beliefs are released.

Lisa has a unique approach when giving her workshops and circles, often working on specific themes. These themes are designed to assist her clients in achieving specific goals, such as gaining more peace of mind, discovering personal dreams and goals, improving the trust bond, and processing and releasing pent-up emotions.

With these themes, Lisa creates a safe environment in which her clients can openly discuss their personal challenges and goals. Her approach is focused on encouraging her clients to reconnect with themselves, so they become more aware of the present and can enjoy life’s small moments. This results in an overall sense of happiness and contentment that helps them live their lives with greater satisfaction.

Lisa’s passion and dedication to her work are unparalleled. She strongly believes in the power of a holistic approach and works hard to help her clients be the best version of themselves. Her belief is that addressing the core of a problem and healing the cause is the only effective method, rather than simply treating symptoms. This means no quick fix, but working towards sustainable results that benefit everyone.

After attending a workshop, sharing circle, or 1-on-1 session with Lisa, you will notice that certain blockages have been cleared and you feel a flowing energy. Puzzle pieces have fallen into place and you are one step closer to the unlimited version of yourself!