Holistic therapist / Yin Yoga teacher

Lotte comes from a background in mental healthcare. She studied pedagogy and continued her education by becoming an ACT (acceptance and commitment) and CBT (cognitive behavioral) therapist. On her personal path, Lotte discovered Yin Yoga and has also trained to become a licensed teacher. Yin Yoga has brought her balance, compassion, and much joy in life.

After working more than six years in mental healthcare, Lotte started her own coaching practice; House of Joy, where she guides women with ACT therapy and Yin Yoga. Through this combination and passion, she brings together Western psychology and Eastern philosophies.

In her workshops which are practical and challenging, Lotte invites you to dive deep and discover your purpose.
She believes working from your values, brings so much more meaning and job satisfaction.

During her workshops Lotte pays attention to and addresses how to deal with (work) stress and pressure. The perfect combination of Yin Yoga and acceptance and commitment therapy will create the perfect bliss. Body and Mind together.

After a workshop with Lotte, you will notice that something has been set in motion immediately. Space has been created for more joy, balance, and connection!