Meditation teacher / Public speaker

Marnix studied social psychology, neuropsychology and philosophy and obtained a master’s degree in clinical psychology at the University of Amsterdam (UvA). In addition, he took various postgraduate courses in several forms of therapy. He studied timeless wisdom and researched different forms of meditation during the 6 years he lived and meditated in Asia, of which he was a Buddhist monk for two years. In addition he wrote two books: ”Mindfulness: back to the roots” and translated the popular book about meditation: ”Don’t look down on your disturbing emotions”, by the Burmese monk Ashin Tejaniya. 

Marnix developed the concept ”Out of the box”, into your centre” (OBIC) as an umbrella for several courses, workshops and retreats with the aim of letting go of limiting and fixed beliefs, to reach our full potential and even purpose. We all have fixed beliefs on who we are and on what is good and bad. Those beliefs have a major impact on our habits, feelings and relationships.

Often they are not part of our wellbeing, but not easy to let go of, since they are deeply ingrained from our upbringing, live experiences and culture. Marnix offers unique methods, having their roots in personal experiences and several spiritual and psychological traditions, to transform beliefs from the depth of who we are. The results are a decrease of stress and unhealthy habit patterns, a better connection with ourselves, more balance, energy and happiness.