Yoga teacher/ Yoga therapist trainee

Maroesja de Ruyter started studying yoga in 2001. And is currently studying Yoga Therapy at the Yoga Therapy Institute, an education that emphasize on the (preventive) health benefits of yoga.

The first time on the mat reminded her of her former professional dance training and gave her the pleasure of physical activity. Attracted first by this playful aspect of yoga, she then dived deeper into the philosophy and started practicing Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga on a daily basis. She then felt and understood more the transformational effect that yoga can offer. This journey led her to gain more knowledge and experience through renowned educations, workshops and retreats. Through the calming and grounding practice of yoga, she developed more insight, which helped her have a clearer view and make better choices:

Yoga is a path that inspires me endlessly and challenges me to dive deeper into the practice and into the philosophy. ‘

Maroesja teaches mostly small groups so there is more personal attention. In her classes she hopes to inspire people to connect with themselves and to help them to (re)discover the strength, flexibility and space they have. Both physically and mentally. To support your full potential to grow and flourish in every aspect of your life.