Authenticity coach / Breathwork teacher

When Nils was 17, his mother died of an extremely aggressive form of brain cancer. Unable to cope with the overwhelming emotional pain, Nils buried it deep inside of himself, unconsciously developing masks to feel safe behind and remain functional in the world.

At 25, a deep depression finally forced him to look inward and start processing his trauma. Ever since, his journey can in a sense be characterized slowly but surely reclaiming his full authenticity. He is passionate about showing other people what he calls the beauty behind their barriers or, in other words, guiding them back to the authentic radiance that’s often so buried below their trauma, conditioning and limiting beliefs. 

In his coaching and in his workshops, Nils combines Circling, a powerful relational meditation, with Breathwork and other somatic practices to reconnect people to their bodies. As he likes to say: the issue is in the tissue, and the healing is in the feeling.

Nils is also the founder of The Embodied Masculine, a transformational online training for men. His mission is to show men the power of brotherhood, plus the positive male role models that he so sorely missed in his own life.  

His workshop inspires all types of  men to dig deeper and to feel more. Connect within. Being able to also embrace the sensitive parts of oneself that have been denied for so long. With the sole purpose to heal. Practical and beneficial.  After the workshop feeling more energized and a new version of you.