Rhythmic Breathing Therapist

Rhythmic Breathing. A multisensory meditation experience to reset the mind’s limited thinking patterns and to raise your vibration!

Since 2015 Saar has been on a journey of self healing through breathwork. Her unique transformation started when she was able to cure her own asthma with the help of some breathing techniques. This personal healing journey inspired her to go to India to follow a yoga teacher training that consisted a lot of pranayama which ultimatly led her to become a certified breathing therapist. 

Conscious breathing did not only relieve the tightness in her lungs, but also made her discover the healing power behind the breath. 

Breathing is sometimes called “The key to consciousness” with the nose as it’s gate. What a powerful phenomenon! When we connect with deeper levels of consciousness we reveal possibilities. Our imagination becomes more vivid and ultimately allows us to transform physically, emotionally AND spiritually.

Breathing freely brings a sense of clarity and frees the mind from any programmed concepts and labels. New possibilities unfold, turning our visions into reality. With less cravings and aversions that arise. 

Incorporating a holistic approach where business and self healing are intertwined, giving people the ability to be present, enjoy what they do and not compartmentalize personal life with work. One consciousness. Feeling at your best. Working at your highest potential. Leading to just one life.

During her workshops Saar will teach you to breathe and renew the energy into your company. Discover the power of breath and start breathing freely!