“My mission is to change the mindset on mental well-being. To make various holistic teachings part of every company’s culture”

The beginning

Having worked in the high-end Fashion Industry for over 10 years, I somehow always felt that my true path would be something different. It is after my relationship ended in October 2016, feeling heartbroken and lost after being in and out of relationships since I was 15 years old, that I decided to go on a personal journey, where I travelled for almost 8 months through Asia, Iran and India to find my own truth and to heal on a deeper level.

Finishing my trip with the biggest gift of all; a 10-day Vipassana, where I meditated for 10 days, 10 hours per day in silence. It gave me back selflove, connection to self and I learned to embrace the silence. 

From there on my personal transformation and healing continued and I felt a deep desire to share my story with others and to inspire and help.

The start of Flow Agency

In the summer of 2020 I lost my job as a marketing manager for a well known hair care brand. Covid just started, the world was in chaos and confused and so was I. I lost my security of an income and was searching for the next step to do.

Feeling anger, frustration, sadness and insecurity of my future, I decided to go inward and meditate hoping to receive the answers I was looking for. My heart opened up and I felt a warm glow and intrinsiek feeling to share my personal transformation with others, to inspire and help them grow on their own inner journey. To use my corporate, marketing background with my new heart’s interest; various holistic teachings and to share then with the corporate world and to change the mindset on mental health.  


Holistic Visionair

With Flow Agency Management, I want to address conscious leaders of corporate companies to support mental health at work. To inspire them to lead from their heart. To embrace holistic teachings such as yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound healing and more within their company culture and address mental well-being during office hours. 

The time is now to take care of oneself and others, to work on burn out prevention and healing the mind within a healthy, safe and happy work environment.

” Corporate culture matters.
How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything for
better or for worse.
” – Simon Sinek”