Author. Speaker. Spiritual Guide

Swami Purnachaitanya (1984) is an author, speaker and guide. He was born as Alexander in the Netherlands and after his studies left for India, his mother’s homeland. There he apprenticed with Guru H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (international humanitarian, spiritual leader and peace ambassador). Sri Sri appointed Alex from Leiden – the only Westerner ever – swami in 2012. His book Looking Inward (June 2021, original title) is a bestseller in India. The rights have been sold internationally, book will be released in English, German, Portuguese, Italian, Russian and Arabic among others. The NL EDITION DISPATCHES April 5 with the title Find your inner strength.

Swami Purnachaitanya gives leadership talks as part of his global mission to make (especially) the corporate world more aware of the importance of mental health. Swami has spoken at international companies such as: Microsoft, Barclays, Global YPO, IMC Chamber of Commerce and many others. Talks for every business – Leadership & inner strength. In April and May 2022, he is available for sessions, including in your conference room during a lunch break motivational!

Swami Purnachaitanya offers 3 programs for businesses with an attractive take away for the participants after each program. Namely, a practical and useful breathing technique that can be practiced yourself, practical insights into how our minds work and how we can increase our energy levels, and also how we can apply this knowledge to be healthier, happier, more effective and successful, as well as a practical experience of meditation.

(1) Shots of Serenity (30 min)
Changing times call for a new approach. The paradigm shift from Time Management to Energy Management & Mind Management.

(2) Mastering the Mind (45 min)
Energy Management & Mind Management vs. Time Management, with more insight into how our minds work, the laws of the mind, and how to deal more effectively with stress etc. Resilience is even more important today physically, mentally and emotionally – not only for your personal health and happiness, but also for your productivity and success in the professional field.

(3) Intuitive Leadership (60 min, can be extended to 90 min)
In addition to everything covered in the Mastering the Mind module, we also talk about a new dimension of leadership, and how leaders and managers are often not adequately prepared to lead in a situation of crisis, change or when the system fails. Practical knowledge and techniques are touched upon that are very essential for Intuitive Leadership

Take those shots of serenity: how to get more balance in your life and still keep those balls high. Because CEOs, executives and managers can never be sufficiently prepared for a crisis situation or sudden changes. Swami offers knowledge, techniques and tools which are simple and practical: Energy & Mind vs Time Management. On to more intuitive leadership and leading from within.