Body awareness and integrative embodiment coach/ writer/ guide/ public speaker

Born with a facial birthmark and vascular syndrome affecting her eyesight, she knows like no other what it means to see and be seen. From a young age she has explored many eastern and western philosophies and started her daily contemplative practice at age 17 on the fortnight of life-defining eye surgery. 

Through her academic research in the field of inclusion and diversity themed around lookism and bodyism, Tessa now coaches and teaches what it truly means to be seen and to see. She explores questions such as ‘How do we look at ourselves and how does that influence how we view others?’, ‘What does it mean to inclusively feel into and think about our body?’, ‘How can we create a truly inclusive world by starting to think inclusively about ourselves?’.She shares what these questions mean to her through her platform and business To Face The World.

She teaches, guides and consults from her 10+ years of experience in the field of yogic practice and philosophy, tantra, feminine embodiment and Ayurvedic principles as well as her in-depth academic endeavours in organizational anthropology and human management.

Through one-on-one guidance as well as through workshops, corporate training and online courses she transfers her knowledge to the world to alter the way we face ourselves and to ultimately face the world, fully as we are, wholly from within.