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 The #nr1 holistic agency in The Netherlands, that represents various teachers in the field of holistic education. The holistic approach is that the teachers will provide support that looks at the whole person and not just their mental health needs. 
This means consideration of their physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing. 


We are here to support companies in their mission for a healthier and happier workspace, so that their employees will thrive.

Transforming companies with holistic sessions for resilience and well-being, allowing employees to thrive in a healthy and inspiring work environment.

Promoting one hour rest during the day for a body & mind balance, increasing work happiness and less fall out.

Inspiring conscious leaders to lead from a place of trust, promoting vulnerability while offering a safe space at work for employees to work on their wellbeing.

" Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything for better or for worse. " - Simon Sinek

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We are here to support companies in their mission for a healthier and happier workspace, so that their employees will thrive.


Community plays a vital role in promoting longevity and reducing stress & anxiety. Sharing experiences and feeling connected, can create resilience against the pressures of daily life, promoting a sense of team spirit, and ultimately contributing to a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling work life.

So we can support you with a customized company retreat at any of our location partners.



We would like to inspire the conscious leader to embrace a new work culture.

We believe in a new workspace 2.0 where working on energy and output is the new company culture

7 keys of Conscious leadership



Research shows that in any case, what is outdated is thinking that we can be productive for eight hours. No one can concentrate and focus for eight hours a day; even Einstein lasted for 45 minutes at most. 

Research shows that during an eight-hour workday, we are not even productive for three hours of that. So let’s use our time more efficient and take moments of rest.


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Sick leave reached 5% in the second quarter of 2023, CBS figures show. That means that 50 out of every 1,000 employee workdays involved absenteeism due to illness.

According to slightly more than 1 in 5 employees who were absent, the complaints in the last absence were entirely or partially due to work. The most frequent cause of the complaints was a high or excessive workload. Contamination at work and – to a lesser extent – physically demanding work were also frequently mentioned reasons.

Especially people with psychological complaints that are sick for six weeks or more have been pushing up the absenteeism rate for a number of years. Think of stress-related complaints such as overwork, burnout or depression. According to ArboNed, someone with a burnout, for example, is out for an average of 279 days.

A sick employee costs an average of 250 euros per day, and this can rise to 400 euros per day. So if you look at the costs per year, this can add up to 70,000 for 1 sick employee.


As an employer, you are required to continue to pay at least 70% of wages for the first 2 years. 

Depending on the collective bargaining agreement your sick employee falls under or the agreements you include in the employment contract, he may be entitled to continued payment of 80% to as much as 100% of his last-earned salary.

In addition, there are other costs such as;

Your employee’s work must now be done by someone else. This also costs money.

Depending on the function of the sick employee and how easily he can be replaced, you will suffer production and/or turnover losses.

Finally, depending on the contract you have with your occupational health and safety service, you have to take into account costs for absence supervision and reintegration.

If your employee requests absenteeism more than three times a year, it may be a signal of underlying psychological symptoms or impending long-term absenteeism. 

Research shows that short frequent absences lead to long-term absence within four years in about half the cases. Unless adequate action is taken.

 We are here to support companies in their mission for a healthier and happier workspace, so that their employees will thrive

Even on the best days, high stress can hinder us from being fully productive and engaged at work.

When unattended, it can lead to burnout, sick days, and low commitment in the workplace. Or even overall unhappiness.

Now more than even, it is more crucial for businesses and Human Resources leaders to address the importance of the mental and physical well-being of their teams.

Corporate-ready, Flow Agency offers customized session packages per month, workshops, 1:1 leadership sessions and team-building retreats that lead to healthier organizations from within.



FLOW offers various sessions at the office space. Being in the present moment and having an active moment of rest will allow you to feel. To really connect with your body and to let every sensation or thought come up. Making active connection with body and mind, feeling enerigzed and more focused afterwards. 

We bring the session(s) to the office space or we can consult on a beautiful external location at one of our partners. (door link). Depending on the request, together we can address specific themes that are currently active such as work happiness, leadership programs, stress reduction, burn out prevention or overall mental wellbeing.



We know every company is different. And has different needs and wants. Perhaps your company has a few employees who need extra support with their wellbeing, while they are undergoing reintegration. Or you want to try out a 3 month pilot  for a specific department where the need for attention to vitality is high.

We are here to support you and bring more wellbeing to your employees. 

Contact us for more information about the possibilities. 

We would like to inspire you to make various holistic teachings part of your company culture and the new now

We would like to inspire you to make various holistic teachings part of your company culture and the new now



Our experienced teachers all have a corporate background and years of experience in working in a fast paced industry. At some point in their lives, they decided to go more inward, on a personal healing journey to grow. 

They have joined Flow Agency  to join us in the mission of bringing holistic sessions to the office space for more healing. So they can share their wisdom and ancient teaching with others, and inspire companies to encourage  a healthy and happy work space.

Is your company ready to embrace holistic sessions as the new normal, to create a more healthy workplace by encouraging active rest during office hours?