FLOW is the #nr 1 holistic agency from The Netherlands that represents  an exclusive group of teachers in the field of holistic education. The holistic approach is that the teachers will provide support that looks at the whole person and not just their mental health needs.

This means consideration of their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

FLOW provides practical and beneficial sessions with a personal touch. 
We bring the teachings to the office space and create a safe space.

We see the time is now for companies to invest in the wellbeing of their employees and to value their mental health. To encourage active rest during the day for a healthy work/ private balance. Becoming a healthy workplace that is valued by its employees that feel seen and valued. Transforming companies by offering holistic sessions for employee wellbeing. 

OUR MISSION:To change the mindset on mental well-being during office hours.

We match your company needs with our vast network of highly-trained teachers all coming from a corporate background, with many many years of experience and compassion for helping others, while sharing their inner wisdom.  

We are here to bring various holistic sessions to the office space and bring awareness, work happiness and a calm mind for everyone. 


FLOW will represent its own in-house teachers, all selected through personal experience and connection. 

Proudly representing a selective group of well-trained compassionate teachers across the fields of yoga, meditation, sound healing, breathwork, personal coaching, and more, FLOW is the first leading holistic agency in The Netherlands. 

Each one of our teachers brings their own individuality, energy and  good vibes to each workshop. We believe in real connections and being able to match each teacher with the right company. 

” If you restore balance in your own self, you will be contributing immensely to the healing of the world’ – Deepak Chopra



Hi, my name is Sanela and I am the Founder of Flow Agency Management. I created the vision for Flow Agency from the deepest of my heart. After working in the high end fashion and creative industry for over 13 years, it was time for a change. 
A personal break up, followed by a healing journey while traveling the world, I was introduced to the ancient meditation technique Vipassana in India,  which has taught me to really be in the present moment in complete stillness and to surrender to all that is.  

It was after losing my last marketing job in June 2020 when during a meditation session, 
I felt a deep desire to share my personal transformation with others and to be the connector of the holistic and corporate industry. 

To make a real impact on changing the mindset on wellbeing during office hours. 

I saw the collective need for healing and need for help of those around me struggling with a healthy work / life balance, often followed by a burn out.  

Having worked in an Industry that is known to be fast paced, with lots of ego and often not feeling being seen and valued, I knew the struggles firsthand of staying balanced and having moments of doubt whether this was the right path for me. Is this really what makes me happy or is it part of  an external validation that I search for outside of myself?

Coming from this journey I felt the deep desire to share the growth of my personal transformation of practicing various holistic teachings such as Vipassana meditation and breathwork and inspire others to do the same. 

To promote holistic teachings for more connection to Self and inspire conscious leaders to lead more from the heart and a place of trust. 

My dream with Flow Agency and heart’s desire is to bring various holistic sessions to the office space for more healing. 

For all companies to accept and embrace these ancient teachings as part of their company’s culture, while promoting active rest during office hours.