FLOW is a holistic agency that represents various teachers in the field of holistic education. The holistic approach is that the teachers will provide support that looks at the whole person and not just their mental health needs. This means consideration of their physical, emotional, social and spiritual well-being.

FLOW provides practical and beneficial teachings with an personal touch. Now more than ever are we being challenged as individuals and are companies adapting to this global transformation that requires flexibility, trust, togetherness and a calm mind. We see the time is now to be more aware and to invest in holistic teachings, so that they become part of the corporate culture as a new way of life and to grow in more self-love.  

To change the mindset on mental well-being during office hours.

We match the individual or company needs of our clients with our vast network of highly-trained teachers, who have many years of knowledge and compassion for helping others. We are here to anticipate the needs of our clients and to bring awareness, happiness and a calm mind for everyone. 

FLOW will represent its own in-house teachers, all selected through personal experience and connection. Proudly representing a selective group of well-trained compassionate teachers across the fields of yoga, meditation, healing, breathwork, personal coaching, Ayurveda and more, FLOW is the first leading holistic agency in The Netherlands. Each one of our teachers brings their own individuality, energy and  good vibes to each workshop. We believe in real connections and being able to match each teacher with the right company and client.